G2i works with dynamic, successful business leaders who want to advance their careers and improve their quality of life.

Both corporations and individuals enlist G2i's services for guidance in rising to leadership challenges, reaching the next
level, and succeeding in todays frenetic business environment.  G2i works with you, using powerful insights, rich metaphors,
and thought provoking exercises to create new possibilities for action and success.  G2i assists leaders by:

Enhancing leadership skills, especially during times of change

Developing political intuition; thinking on your feet

Raising awareness of power in the organization - how it is acquired, manifested, held and diminished

Focusing on effective delegation of time, resources and energy

Enhancing influence, collaboration, and diplomacy; critical to managing up and across the organization

Fine-tuning interpersonal effectiveness and emotional intelligence

Retaining balance under difficult circumstances

Developing the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of a leader

Cultivating ease; releasing struggle

Stop doing the things that got you "here" and start doing the things that will get you "there".  Are we a fit?  
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