Are We A Fit?

If you answer "Yes" to two or more of the following questions, please contact G2i for a complimentary consultation.

Have you recently been promoted to a higher level position, requiring new skills?

Are you hesitant to let go of what isn't working because you aren't sure what to replace it with?

Are you always rushing from one thing to the next, rarely feeling fully present or fulfilled by what you've completed?

Are you avoiding certain conversations that you know your should be having?

Are you wondering how to develop stronger "executive presence"?

Are you wondering how to improve the relationship with your boss, the Board, your peers or your subordinates?

Is your career on the fast track while other areas of your life, like health or relationships, are neglected?

Are you confused about the politics of your organization?

Are you feeling more like a "human doing" than a "human being"?

Are you wondering what's next?
Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Gregory Gillis, Inc.
"One's action ought
to come out of an
achieved stillness;
not to be a mere
rushing on."

D.H. Lawrence
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